Write more children’s books, urges President Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu addressing pupils of Tujatane Tongabezi Trust School when visited them in Livingstone on Tuesday. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE.

PRESIDENT Lungu has called on Zambian authors to write more children’s books in local languages and to help schools with teaching materials.
Speaking when he toured Tujatane Tongabezi Trust School in Livingstone on Tuesday, the President said there is need for more teaching materials in local languages because children are Zambia’s future leaders.
“I will contact some local writers to help the school with the textbooks for the curriculum and to write books with a local perspective,” President Lungu said.
He also promised to contact local authors to support the school with Zambian literature materials.
The President advised children to work hard, be disciplined and humble for them to enjoy a bright future.
He also urged teachers to ensure that they instil discipline in pupils to shape their future.
This is the third time President Lungu is visiting TujataneTongabezi Trust School.  He twice visited the school earlier as a minister.
Mr Lungu donated K10,000 to the school’s traditional drama group.
School head teacher Evans Mwitumwa cited lack of textbooks and insufficient infrastructure as some of the school’s challenges.
Mr Mwitumwa said following the introduction of the new curriculum, the school has difficulties in teaching local languages due to lack of textbooks.
“Our main challenge is the curriculum, knowing which textbooks to use and where to source the textbooks. We also have limited space as the demand for the school is rising,” he said.
School proprietor Vannesa Parker said the school spends about US$21,000 on salaries for teachers annually while each child requires US$900 annually for sponsorship.
“Each child has a sponsor. The school provides education to the Tongabezi staff’s children, as well as children from the local community. This is an area where funding and materials are scarce. Simonga area near Tongabezi has only one public school,” she said.
Southern Province minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu said the provincial procurement unit will soon issue tenders for the procurement of textbooks for the new curriculum.

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