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Who won hip-hop battle?

WHO won the battle? This was the mostly widely asked question following the show involving Macky II and Slap D at Hollywood City in Lusaka on Christmas Eve.
If you were expecting the show to finally settle who indeed the king of hip-hop is, then the Hollywood City show was certainly a disappointment. It was not going to provide the answer.
This was a well-scripted show; like straight out of Hollywood.
Call it a proper business undertaking by the XYZ and Kopala team.
When given an opportunity to choose who had won between the two, the audience, mostly drunk, cheered for both. Yes, most members of the audience cheered for both. And loudly so! So, in that sense, you may want to say it was a draw.
Simply put, this was just another show which however the promoters hyped in such as a way as to make it look like there was major beef (to use their hip hop term) between the two camps.
It was almost promoted like a boxing match.
And it started at the press briefly, a day before the show, at Lusaka Grand Palace Hotel which was attended by Ministry of Tourism and Arts permanent secretary Stephen Mwansa.
Asked what each of them would do in an event where they lost the king of hip-hop crown to the other, Slap D, who referred to Macky II as junior (king of hip-hop), said he would accept defeat.
“I have never experienced the feeling of not being crowned king but part of being a king is to accept defeat and if I lose, I will give respect to junior [Macky II] and pass on the crown,” he said.
And Macky II said losing the crown would not “pull me down’’ because “I always get up”.
“I have been through a lot of ups and downs in life, so if it comes to the worst, I will always get up,” the Kopala swagger, who equally maintained he was the king of hip-hop, said.
Earlier, Slap D bragged of being incomparable to Macky II, because “I am the initiator of hip-hop music.”
Macky II disagreed.
“You [Slap D] maybe an inventor of hip-hop music but when I came on the scene, I developed it further to a level where even the President [Edgar Lungu] recently danced to my music… that’s what am talking about,” he said.
Whatever the case, they both have to give credit to CRI$I$ aka Mr Swagger who was the first to release a hip-hop album on cassette in 2004.

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