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Women urged to invest in fish farming

CAPITAL Fisheries board chairman Chance Kabaghe has called on cooperatives comprising women to consider aquaculture as it is a lucrative venture with a ready market.
Mr Kabaghe said the organisation is currently promoting the production of various types of fish especially tilapia.
He said in an interview recently that the company is ready to support female fish farmers who are ready to supply the company.
“We are working with fish farmers from Itezhi Tezhi who supply the company with fish. And the next ideal area where women can probably come on board to supply the company would be Mpulungu,” he said.
Mr Kabaghe said Zambia has a high deficiency of fish as the country requires about 75,000 metric tonnes of fish per annum to be imported.
He said people should not call for the ban in importation of fish as there are not enough stocks to sustain the country.
“If many farmers are involved in fish production within the country, then we will be very happy to stop the importation. We make more money by selling local fish than importing. There are so many restrictions when importing fish and the profit margin is lower,” he said.
Mr Kabaghe said the price of fish will drop once imports are banned.
He said there is need for a strong strategy to upgrade aquaculture so that importation can be avoided.
Mr Kabaghe also said people should not use mosquito nets when harvesting fish.
“Even the fish ban should be adhered to. There is also need to use proper fishing methods. If bad fishing practices are left unchecked there will be no fish in the country,” he said.

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