Woman feigns funeral to conceal daughter’s defilement

IN an attempt to conceal the defilement of her 13-year-old daughter by her husband, a woman of Kabwe’s Katondo Township faked a funeral which led to neighbours gathering at her house to console her.
Her husband, Brian Banda estimated to be in his 40s allegedly defiled his stepdaughter last Sunday around 09:00 hours and has since bolted.
Central region Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) coordinator Juliet Kawanda in an interview in Kabwe on Friday revealed the defilement of the victim who is a grade four pupil.
Central Province police commissioner Standwell Lungu in a separate interview also confirmed the incident.
“Yes, there is that report,” Mr Lungu said without giving further details.
Ms Kawanda said the girl revealed that she was defiled around 09:00 hours on Sunday when her mother was at church and later confided in a neighbour.
“She went and told a neighbour who in turn told the girl’s mother. This woman instead started crying on top of her voice and neighbours heard and went to her house to know what was happening but she told them that her mother had died,” Ms Kawanda said.
But when the woman’s sister and cousin went to her house, she allegedly changed her story, and started claiming that her eldest child was very sick on the Copperbelt.
Her sister and cousin demanded for the truth and it was then that they were told that her daughter had been defiled.
Ms Kawanda also said the woman’s sister and cousin on Tuesday along with the victim reported the matter to the YWCA in Kabwe.
She said the victim further revealed that her mother forced her to thoroughly wash her private parts so that there was no evidence of having been defiled.
Ms Kawanda together with other women reported the matter to Chowa Police Station.
“She said when her stepfather started making advances she told her mother who in admonished her. Just looking at the girl, she is in the state of shock,” she said.
She said it is sad that her mother choose to protect her husband, instead of her traumatised daughter.
Ms Kawanda has since implored parents against protecting perpetrators of child sexual abuse, saying doing so is also a crime.
She said children who have been defiled are traumatised.

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