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Woman ‘chooses work’ over hubby

A DECISION by a woman to get herself a job has been received with mixed feelings by her husband who has accused her of choosing work over him.
Purity Mwikwasa, 37, sued her husband Mathews Ng’uni, 45, for divorce contending that he deserted his matrimonial home in 2018 after she found a job.
Mwikwasa told the Chipulukusu Local Court that her marriage broke down when Ng’uni told her to choose between him and her job.
“We got married in 2012 and K150 was paid as dowry. We used to live in Kitwe but after he lost his job, we moved to Ndola where I got a job at divine bakery. Later, Mr Ng’uni started coming home late and when I asked him why he kept coming home late, he told me to stop working so that peace could return to our family of which I refused. One day when I went for work, I found that he had left and packed all his clothes,” she said.
Mwikwasa said five months later, Ng’uni went back to ask for the way forward in their marriage.
She then discovered that he was married to CLICK TO READ MORE

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