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Woman bemoans ungrateful hubby

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
SOME spouses are very ungrateful. No matter what you do for them, they go ahead and show their ingratitude. These are the words of a woman who has gone an extra mile to invest into her husband’s well-being, both his education and business.
She narrated that even after sacrificing the family’s comfort to pay enormous school fees towards his university education, the man still ill-treats her.
She does acknowledge the fact that a husband and wife are one and are supposed to bend backwards for each other, but the bending should not be one-sided. This, she says is what has been happening in her home.
Besides having a better paying job and she is highly qualified, the minute she arrives home, she accords the husband all the respect he deserves as the head of the household.
Her efforts have not been appreciated because she has now come to realise that the husband suffers from an inferiority complex. To him, it is about proving a point that he is the man and she should submit to him. She states that she does not have a problem with submission, adding that even the Bible states so.
To her, no matter what she does, she will never be good enough for him. Currently, the couple together with their children live in her house and the husband drives the vehicle that she bought for him. Because of the respect she has for the husband, she does not tell people that she is the breadwinner. Few people even know that the house belongs to her and not the husband.
She complains that whenever she complains about his behaviour, his first reaction will be that she is doing so because she believes she is better than him, which she claims is far from the truth. She loves the man and all she wants is to see that their marriage work.
What hurts the woman even more is that he speaks ill of her to his many girl friends with some having the guts to call their home, demanding that she leaves the house. Little do the other women know that it is actually her house.
Besides, these women who harass her should not think they will be any different when or if the man decides to take one of them home as a wife. She wonders what makes such women think they will be any different from her.
She feels betrayed by her husband especially that she has heavily contributed towards his status in society.
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