Letter to the Editor

Withdrawing from ICC not good

Dear editor,
I WRITE to protest the decision or threats by a number of African countries led by South Africa, to withdraw membership from the International Criminal Court (ICC).
This court is an extremely important institution for Africans because it protects them from thugs who have over the years not only abused their rights, but are also responsible for widespread crimes against humanity in many parts of the continent.
History teaches us that many of these thugs are in many ways directly connected to some African leaders through their policies and practices.
Therefore, the decision to pull out of the ICC is motivated by fear, selfishness, greed, and shortsightedness.
This is especially so for the ever expanding group of the so called “no presidential term limit African dictators” who led the campaign to discredit the ICC at the African Union.
They forget that when they eventually lose power, they will need the ICC to protect them from their pursuers.
There is a lot to benefit from the ICC.
In Kenya, whereas the post 2008 election violence suspects escaped trial, the chances are that Kenya might never again experience such violence because of lessons from the ICC.
I just hope the selfish decisions being made today will be reversed when these leaders leave office.

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