Wisdom beats odds of climate change

AT A time when millions of farmers across the globe – especially in developing countries – are grappling with the effects of climate change, one farmer in Mumbwa has learned how to ride the tide of the weather phenomenon.
When he was much younger, Wisdom Mababe watched his father struggle as a peasant to earn an income to support his family.
He, like many other farmers at the time, employed traditional farming methods of slash and burn.
The yields were low, and the farmers never became wealthy from their toil.
But Wisdom is a different farmer from his father’s generation, and he is definitely much wealthier. This is all because he has adapted to the changing climate and its adverse effects – especially the reduction in the amount of rainfall his area now receives.
For Wisdom, climate change is not theoretical, but something he has witnessed over the years since he started farming CLICK TO READ MORE

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