Wina launches Highway markets

GOVERNMENT will build a minimum of 10 highway markets in each province under the Jubilee Women’s Integrated Highway Initiative programme, Vice-President Inonge Wina has said.
Ms Wina said the programme will transform roadside markets into integrated economic hubs for wealth creation and empowerment of women and their communities.
She said this during the launch of the Jubilee Women’s Integrated Highway Markets programme in Chibombo district on Friday.
“Each time I pass through these markets, I am burdened as to how best these markets could be transformed. At the beginning of the month, Government approved the establishment of this initiative which is an answer to my vision of a Zambia in which women marketeers across the country create wealth in roadside markets in a clean and safe environment for themselves and their customers,” she said.
According to Ms Wina, the initiative will result in the stimulation of the socio-economic development of the women, their families and the nation.
She said the markets will be constructed where roadside markets exist including at John Chinena Market in Chibombo.
Ms Wina said the markets which will have environmental friendly facilities that will be identified and put in place, will be built to also include the handicapped, the youth, children and men.
“The strategy that will be adopted in identifying and upgrading the roadside markets are called the Spider Web which is a thrust to spread the markets countrywide from the centre (Chibombo) in a way a spider spreads its web,” she said.
She said this will be of use and relevance to bulk transporters, market traders and other communities.
And Ms Wina said under the Public, Private Partnership (PPP) concept, Government will provide land and title to such land on which the highway markets will be established.
She also said construction of a health post and provision of water to the markets will be addressed by Government and its partners who have pledged to install boreholes in the area.

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