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‘I will be the best Doctor’


Young and Ambitious
SHE wants to one day become the best female doctor ever in Zambia. Monica Komayombi, 13, a grade 8 pupil at Dora Thamani High School, says she wants to become a doctor specialised in bone and joint disorders, treat fractures and also perform surgical operations.
“I want to be a doctor in order to save lives and help vulnerable people who are sick by giving them proper care.”
Q: When and where were you born?
Ans: I was born in 2002 right here in Lusaka.
Q: What are your hobbies?
Ans: I love playing, reading story books and novels and watching TV
Q: What are your favourite subjects?
Ans: Science and English. I love Science because it’s a subject practical and it will help me achieve my goals of becoming a doctor while English will help me in communicating with people from different places and cultures whenever I travel.
Q: Who is your favourite teacher? Why?
Ans: Mrs Namfukwe, she teaches me Civics and Religious
Education (R.E),she is polite, kind and friendly, when she teaches us we are able to understand.
Q: Which church do you go to? What are you taught at Sunday school?
Ans: I go to the Spiritual Warfare Church. We’re taught on how to respect elders, we taught not to sin if we want to go to heaven and also about the Ten Commandments.
Q: Who is your hero? Why?
Ans: My uncle Passy Mbayi, a professional doctor, he inspires me a lot and I want to one day follow in his footsteps.
Yvette Mbayi and Venna Komayombi are also my heroes, they provide for my needs, pay for my education and always encourage me to work hard at school so that I may achieve my future goals and fulfil my dreams.
Q: What is your favourite meal?
Ans: Rice and Chicken. I also love nshima with beef and vegetables.
Q: What countries would you love to visit in the future?
Ans: China, it is a beautiful country with a rich history and the people are kind and polite.
Brazil is also a beautiful country with nice beaches and I hope to one day go there to see the beaches.
Q: What would you advise pupils of your age to do in order to follow their dreams?
Ans: Not to give up on their dreams and work extra hard at school. Not to waste their opportunity of getting an education.


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