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Wife remarries after one month

A FORTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD man of Chinanda village in Mansa has narrated in the Mansa local court how he found his wife married to another man barely a month after he deserted his matrimonial home.
This is in a case in which Lastone Mwaba sued Chali Mukosa for compensation for adultery.

Mwaba told the court that after deserting the matrimonial home for less than a month, he found his wife Ireen Mwila married to another man, who also allegedly took over his property including his four children.
He said when he married his wife, all was blissful until last year when Mwila started communicating with Mukosa at awkward hours.
Mwaba told the court that he only went to Kaputa district for a month only to find his wife married to Mukosa.
“When I returned home, I discovered that my wife had left and taken all our household property and our four children,” he narrated.
Mwaba said he started looking for his wife until he met her friend, who told him that Mwila was married to Mukosa.
He went to Mukosa’s house and found his four children and Mwila.
Mwaba begged the court to order Mukosa to compensate him for sleeping with his wife because the two were still married.
He, however, told the court that he was no longer interested in the marriage but wants Mukosa to compensate him and give him back his children.
But Mukosa said he met Mwila early this year and did not tell him that she was a married woman.
He said he proposed love to her and married her after paying pride price.
“When I met her, she told me that her husband had divorced her and that she had four children. I was surprised when Mwaba called to tell me that Mwila was still his wife and that he had only left his matrimonial home for a month,” he said.
Mwaba said he even met Mwila’s relatives, who told him that she was not married.
And Mwila said she decided to get married to Mokosa because her husband had ran away from their matrimonial home.
Senior local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margaret Sankalimba said judgement can only be passed when Mwaba and Mwila divorce.
Magistrate Zaloumis noted that if judgement was to be delivered, the case would be left hanging.


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