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Wife refuses to go for HIV test

HIV result.

REFUSAL by his wife to go for an HIV test together with him, forced a 53-year-old man of Kuku township to desert his matrimonial home for three months to go and reflect on his marriage, the Chawama local heard.
Golden Chirwa, a security guard told the court that he has been suspecting his wife Given Mulenga 43, of having a sexual relationship with her boss who is a widower.
“My wife drastically changed when I lost my job in 2015, she started work as a maid. She usually comes late and her boss usually calls in the night. I have told her to quit her job but she has refused,” he said.
Chirwa said he decided to go for an HIV test because he no longer trusts the wife.
He said his wife has lost respect for him and she no longer respects him like she used to… READ MORE

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