Letter to the Editor

Why leave broken-down truck on a highway?

Dear editor,
THE recent news about the fatal accident near Chambishi makes sad reading. Six lives were lost and other victims are still in hospital.
We can only wish the injured a quick recovery and convey our condolences to the bereaved families.
My concern is hearing the Chingola district commissioner confirming that the accident happened when the bus driver who was transporting some church choir members hit into a stationary truck that had been on the road for over seven days!
How do Zambia Police traffic and RTSA allow a broken-down truck to be on a highway for that long?
A few years ago RTSA procured heavy-duty tow trucks to be stationed on all major highways.
Where are the tow trucks? On which highways are they normally stationed?
Further, where is it written in the Highway Code that truck drivers should use tree branches and leaves instead of triangles when their trucks break down?
Please RTSA and Zambia Police traffic department be proactive!

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