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Why KK used to rotate civil servants

Dear editor,
AFTER a deep reflection and analysis as to why there is an upsurge in the outcry from a lot of Zambians, on the service delivery by most civil service departments, i only appreciate Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s resolve on the same.
Back in the days, President Kaunda had a policy where a civil servant was only supposed to serve in one station for a maximum of two years to advance professionalism and avoid being complacent or compromised.
Since then, the scenario has changed. Many are left to serve in one station for longer years and this has seen a lot of government departments lagging behind in service delivery to the people.
When one becomes so conversant with the area or office, there is always this tendency of playing “I know it all syndrome” without taking into consideration the people in need of the timely and accurate/ correct service delivery.
This has, in a nutshell, actually seen the rise in corruption by some civil servants, away from their noble cause because of being too familiar with not only the system but the people who could advance corrupt practices.
I feel various government departments should look into this situation to see how best the service delivery by civil servants can be upped.
This said, there are however some exceptions where some have maintained high levels of professionalism without being compromised by any situation or individuals.
To those, I say keep it up.

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