Letter to the Editor

Why it’s difficult to progress in Africa

LUBINDA Habazoka.

Dear editor,
When one is pushing forward, there are people who are always preoccupied with bringing them backwards.
That’s why in Africa, it’s difficult to progress.
We spend time fighting each other and leave no energy to innovate. It’s more like living in the jungle as an antelope. Everyone wants to eat you alive!
We need to learn to encourage innovation and promote excellence.
One of the main reasons we don’t achieve quick positive results in society is our inability to use our human resources very well. We waste talent. We despise those that might appear to look better than us.
To the contrary, in the Western world, they promote talent, harness it and fully develop it.
In Africa, just when you excel they say “he is eyeing my position”.
In Zambia, haters have pushed us so much to the wire that now we are hanging on game fence.
What a pity.
Lubinda Haabazoka,

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