Why I love radio: Bringing information to communities

THE author (right) doing an interview for radio.

TO MANY people in the rural community, radio is the best means by which they get information and entertainment. It is the medium that brings them news from outside their community.
It is a medium that gives their community a voice on things that need changing and those worth celebrating.
Having begun my radio journey as a volunteer in 1999, I can safely say there is still a lot more that the medium should do to achieve great diversity. The men folk are dominating radio. The able bodied are dominating. But where are the differently abled, the women and the youth?
This year’s World Radio Day theme, Radio and Diversity, gave the industry an opportunity to deliberately make policies and programmes that promote the marginalised in the community. Radio should and must integrate a diverse range of groups in programming. Such groups will seldom volunteer to come on radio because for a long time we have treated them as outcasts or second option.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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