Why are we shocked about teen sex party?

EMELDA Musonda.

THE teen sex party that took place in Lusaka’s Woodlands recently sent shock waves throughout the nation.

Many stakeholders have expressed shock at the horrendous event where over 70 young people engaged in sexual activities and alcohol abuse.
Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata-Katongo said the boys and girls aged between 17 and 20 years were picked up from a house on Lake Road after a concerned citizen in the neighbourhood raised alarm.
She disclosed that police officers who rushed to the scene found used condoms and empty beer bottles littered around the place while the owner of the house was at large.
According to one of the participants of the infamous Woodlands sex orgy quoted on social media, the function was some kind of sex competition.
What is even more heart-rending is the revelation that such parties have become common in Zambia even among older people only that they are not usually publicised.
According to the participant another such function was held in Rhodespark a week before the Woodlands one. In this particular case the teenager said the winner walked away with K3,000 after proving his strength by sleeping with 15 girls.
This is not only horrendous but a clear indication that the morals of our society and future leaders in particular are degenerating at an alarming rate.
It is also clear that parents are failing in their duties to impart strong morals in their children.
While society as a whole shoulders the responsibility of imparting moral values in younger generations, parents who are the first point of interaction and custodians of children play a pivotal role.
When a child is born, they are like blank compact discs (CD). As they grow up they begin to internalise values they are exposed to.
Parents should therefore ensure that children are exposed to good values at home and beyond.
This calls for parents to put in place deliberate measures to instruct their children in the right ways as well as monitor them.
The Bible in Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”.
This only confirms the Biblical principle that whatever we sow in our children today is what we will reap in future.
It is, however, saddening that today parents are too busy making a living and upgrading themselves academically leaving children in the hands of dependants, maids and friends.
Depending on the moral values of the people children are exposed to regularly, they may end up internalising wrong ideals which in turn shape their behaviour.
If for instance a maid has vulgar language this may be reflected in the children.
In the advent of technological advancements, children now have access to social media. And we know that there is so much rot that is deposited on social media.
Giving children unlimited and unmonitored access to social media and internet is exposing them to all the rot that goes on there including pornography and depraved ideas such as sex parties.
This indecent exposure is mainly the reason why children are doing weird things which were never heard of in olden times.
Television programmes and cartoons in particular are having a fair share of corrupting the young minds of children.
Parents should take interest in the TV programmes that children are exposed to. Some of the cartoon programmes for instance involve immoral sexual acts.
Recently, Kenya banned the airing of cartoon programmes which were promoting gay marriages among other depraved behaviours.
These are well thought out programmes to indoctrinate children believing that there is nothing wrong with gay marriages or other immoral acts.
If children are watching such programmes, should parents be shocked if one day they discover that they are involved in such abominable relationships.
This is what is happening now. Parents have neglected their God given responsibility to nurture children into morally upright and responsible adults.
Instead children are now at the mercy of social media, television, video games, friends and maids. This is what is shaping our future leaders.
Are we really supposed to be shocked that our children are engaging in sex parties given that now they walk, eat and sleep social media the den of all manner of evil?
In an era of parental absenteeism and increased exposure to depraved content on social media and television, some non-government organisations with questionable intentions have only made things worse by advocating sexual reproductive health rights for children.
How on earth do you give a 10-year-old contraceptives or condoms?
Apart from advocating distribution of condoms in schools, NGOs have introduced youth-friendly corners in health institutions to allow children easy access to contraceptives and condoms.
Why are we shocked that used condoms were found on the scene. Are we not the ones availing these condoms to them? Is it not their health reproductive right to use condoms regardless of age or marital status?
Allowing children access to contraceptives and condoms, it is a clear indication that they can go ahead and have sex as long as they use condoms. And this is what the 70 teenagers in Woodlands were practicing.
Yes they will not get pregnant or HIV because they used condoms but the country can be guaranteed of raising depraved future leaders.
It is indeed saddening and shameful that some of these rights’ advocates are ready to sacrifice our future generations at the altar of self-expediency.
It is a well-known fact that most of these advocates are getting hefty pay cheques for pushing such agendas.
I am therefore urging Government to take precaution on what it allows non-governmental organisations and international communities to push down the country’s throat.
There is also need for a serious review of the sexual reproductive health rights that are being advocated.
Otherwise whatever we sow in our children, that we shall reap in due season and bountifully so.
The author is Zambia Daily Mail editorials editor. –

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