Letter to the Editor

Who will revamp kalindula music in Zambia?

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA in the late 1970s introduced what we call kalindula emanating from Luapula Province, and as years went by, this music increased and even spread to other provinces.
Kalindula depicted true Zambian traditional music like rumba in DRC.
South Africans have their own type of music, Zimbabwean same, Nigerians have their own.
In the early 1990s Zambians shifted to keyboard and computer-oriented like the Western music trying to change from kalindula to computer music.
In most cases computer music does not allow use of a guitar.
It is for this reason that we need to stick to our kalindula as traditional music like our neighbour DRC where music has driven the country to success.
We have lost legends in kalindula music who sang meaningful songs in hotels, at weddings, etc.
The following are the departed souls in kalindula music:John Mwansa Mukamfwilwa, PK Chishala, Glorious band’s Chisenga and his Mayo impandeniko amano,Brian Chilala – Nsanje, Serenje band – Kaseba and Destroyer Nkandu – Mukafwila mukwenda, The Oliya band, Chipampe – Ukwalola umwela,Chimbini, The Masasu and Mulemena Boys – Tubwelele,Lima Jazz band, Amayenge Chris Chali and many more.
Who is going to take over to continue with our beautiful kalindula music? The current music is pathetic, it has no meaning and no identity.
Wake up Zambia and find identity in traditional music.

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