Letter to the Editor

Who authorised stripping off Njanji commuter line?

Dear editor,
MINISTER of Local Government Charles Banda deserves commendation for coming out strongly against the land illegalities in Lusaka’s Matero township.
Matero constituency Member of Parliament Lloyd Kaziya should also be commended for being proactive in ensuring that councillors and cadres do not perpetuate illegality in land acquisition.
I wish other legislators could emulate Mr Banda and Mr Kaziya by ensuring that decency prevails in land acquisition.
Mr Banda should visit Kabwata and see how the Njanji commuter rail line has been stripped off and land is being shared with impunity.
With the Patriotic Front administration upgrading Lusaka and other cities, care should be taken on how land is being administered and critical infrastructure such as rail lines should be guarded jealously to form part of the transport mix in the modern city.
Heads should roll over the stripping of the Njanji rail line.

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