Letter to the Editor

Where is Fwayo Tembo?

Dear editor,
SUDDENLY, former international star Fwayo Tembo has disappeared.Fwayo is no longer playing for Lusaka Dynamos as regularly as he should be doing.
Yet the club spent a fortune to take the player back to Lusaka.
One of the reasons he is not seen even at Dynamos training is that he has personal problems.
One wonders the magnitude of problems Fwayo has to stop him from training and playing.
What Fwayo should know is that almost every player at Dynamos, including coaches, has problems but they have not resorted to abandoning their work.
Fwayo may be history on the Zambian soccer landscape if he does not reconsider his career.
The friends fooling him around will abandon him the moment they realise he can no longer play football.
There is still room for Fwayo, aka Mbuzi Zagwa, to reform and focus on his career.

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