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Where do police take the fines?

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to strongly dispute what MBS said in a letter in which he was reacting to Lubinda Mwangala’s complaint that police officers refused to give him a GRZ receipt for the K200 he paid them after they certified his papers.
Under normal practice, any cash transaction must have a receipt issued.
Police officers always get away with it because we do not challenge them and report them to their superiors or the Anti-Corruption Commission.
Even at check points, if an offender refuses to pay a bribe and chooses to pay the full fine, the traffic police officers issue fake receipts called ‘admission of guilt forms’.
From there, who knows if that money the officers have collected will be handed over to the courts?
And if I may ask, is this revenue or non-revenue?
Please, may the relevant authorities do something about this rampant theft of Government money and exploitation of innocent citizens by police officers?

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