Where are the false prophets?


Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
PM DONSA Gospel Crew have said it bluntly in a song titled False Prophets.

Contained in their latest album, the crew, which is led by Peter Malama Kasumba, has added its voice against the many preachers masquerading as prophets.
According to the title of the song, the crew reveals that several “men of God” want to be familiar with the word of God and not God himself, which should not be the case.
In another song titled Amafunde, they advise that people should seek the Kingdom of God first and everything will be added to one’s life desires.
“God is greater than the wealth that you seek, so do not be in a hurry to acquire material things that will not afford you an opportunity to enter the Kingdom of God,” says Kasumba.
Lintu Nafyelwe is seemingly a song inspired by the scripture in Jeremiah 1:5 and talks about God knowing us even before we were conceived in the womb.
So, God will never let us go astray no matter our problems, all we need is to worship and praise Him at all time. It is simply a song of assurance.
In similar messages like in the title track, the crew also warns of the devil and his adversaries whose mission on earth is to steal, kill and destroy.
The song is aptly titled Careful which also extends its message to those in the habit of feeling jealousy of one another.
“Whatever name and in whatever language you may call the devil, his mission is simply to bring set-backs,” Kasumba explained.
The message in another song titled Abalwani talks about enemies who should be reminded that “one day they will appreciate what the Lord has done and continue to do in people’s lives.”
Meanwhile, to those who are still single, the barren, the childless couples, the homeless, the jobless, the afflicted, it is just a matter of time when the Lord will show his mighty upon their lives.
And it is in the song titled Testimony that all those who believe in the power of God being their provider, should lean on his word as they will surely testify of his goodness.
“For now, just like in our other song titled Uku Landa (let them speak) they will laugh at us, curse us, but at his appointed time, He will add more blessings to our lives and surely take us to another level,” says Kasumba.
And concluding this amazing album which was recorded at Rhythm City, Virtuous Sound and Anointed Sound are the songs Twikatane and Uliluba Lwandi.
On the former, the crew speaks volume of the peace and tranquility which the country has been enjoying since independence through the “One Zambia One Nation” motto.
“We denounce tribalism, violence, because we have been known to be a peace and loving nation,” Kasumba said.
And the latter is a love-struck song which talks about a tale of falling in and out of love where the man pours out his love to his spouse.
The songs were written by Kasumba while its producers of the album include the trio of Sheka Sheka, Kapalu and Jeremiah aka “the excellence”.
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