When scribe is victim of political violence

THE Zambia Daily Mail vehicle that was damaged by suspected cadres in Katuba. PICTURES: MACKSON WASAMUNU

“GIVE me the camera or you die!” shouted one man with a tattoo on his forearm.
I would not have taken his threat seriously, but for his menacing look. His eyes were full of rage like a caged beast.
Besides, our vehicle was already surrounded by four or five men wielding machetes and baying for our blood. Their language was vile.
Another group of about 100 men, some wearing face masks, stood across the road chanting and brandishing their machetes, taunting the police. I saw one man with a pick-axe.
I fumbled with the key in the ignition, but it was too late.
I heard an explosion, and another and then another.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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