When one woman is not enough

WHEN Alfred Makalani, 79, met Beatrice Kunja, 58, in 1987, he was already a married man.
At the time, Beatrice did not take kindly to the proposal by a married man. She lost her husband a few years earlier.
But Makalani, who had the blessings of his first wife, knew what he wanted and was determined to ensure that she became his second wife.
The couple first met at Kalomo District Council, where they were both employed. Initially, he was shy to approach her, so he asked Beatrice’s cousin to contact her on his behalf.
“As we were work-mates when I was transferred to her department I inquired about her. Later I asked her to be my emissary to convey my love to her,” he said.
Makalani believes the 21 years age gap was the biggest attraction for him. He also felt she would take good care of him as she was still young.
“I was 58 years old at the time and she was only 37 years old. When I informed my first wife about her, she told me to go ahead if I could manage to get a second wife. I took it as a challenge but I have never regretted having her as my second wife. I have only beaten her once in our marriage,” he said.
But he is remorseful about the incident. When it happened, Makalani said Beatrice’s parents wanted them to separate but he pleaded with them because CLICK TO READ MORE

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