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When love turns worst nightmare: Precious Daka’s story

PRECIOUS Daka, 24, quit her job as a maid and opted for marriage with the hope of living a better life.
Precious was raised by her uncle after her parents died when she was a baby.
Unfortunately, her uncle died when she was in her seventh grade, and this meant that she had to stop school as there was no other relative to support her education.
Precious says she felt discouraged as her childhood dream of becoming a medical doctor became seemingly impossible.
“My uncle died in 2011 and I started working as a maid in Kanyama Township,” she says.
In 2013, Precious fell in love with Adrian Manyepa, who convinced her to stop work on the pretext that he would take care of her.
But when the duo got married, the story changed. She says her husband started ill-treating her.
Precious says: “We stayed for one year without a child, he said I was barren. When I gave birth to our first child, he changed and said the child was not his.”
She says her husband started sleeping out and he would beat her when he got home the following day.
Precious says her husband’s relatives also used to abuse her verbally and told her to leave Manyepa alone.
“His relatives would lie to him that I did not welcome them when they came home when in actual fact it was not true. He could take   whatever they said as gospel truth and CLICK TO READ MORE

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