When cadres became ‘toll collectors’

BUS drivers protesting along Muramba Road in Chilenje last Monday. Inset, Patriotic Front national youth chairperson Kelvin Sampa talking to a police officer.

THEY collected on average more than K1,000 on a day . “For every 40 buses that loaded on Pemba Road near the junction with Kalomo Road and near Shoprite Chilenje, Kangwa, SDA bus stations on Chilumbulu road and at APEX bus stations, the cadres would collect about K1,200 a day,” a bus driver who uses this road claimed.
It was an open cheque for the cadres. They traversed the length and breadth of Chilenje bus routes charging minibus drivers in broad day light.
Quick intervention by authorities has since painted another picture involving the cadres. They even enhanced their extortion escapades using walkie talkies.
One would, however, ask if what happened during last Monday’s patrols and also on Tuesday’s meeting between stakeholders is the end of an era of cadres cashing in from bus drivers at bus stations
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