What’s there to see in Zani Muone?

AN OLD sign located at the entrance of what was once a popular spot on Kabwe road called Zani Muone Hotel. The township derives its name from the hotel which was constructed in the 1970s.

ON YOUR way to Kabwe town and in between the areas of Mandevu and Kabangwe, lies a patch of land called Zani Muone, which falls under Chunga Ward 11 and is a part of Katuba constituency.
James Nyirenda was born not far from Zani Muone in 1976 in a nearby location called Tambalala. He recalls the area being underdeveloped and covered in bush in those days.
Development in the area only seriously began in 2006, with people from townships like Mandevu, Chipata and Matero arriving in Zani Muone in search of land to purchase.
“The land was traditional land and people that owned land in the area like our parents had no title deeds,” Mr Nyirenda shares. “The land was in the hands of headmen and chiefs.”
As the generation that owned land grew older and began dying, the younger generation began to ponder the future of the land and how it would be taken care of.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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