Letter to the Editor

What’s progress in agriculture since last show?

Dear editor,
SOME several days, and about a month from now, we will hold our national agricultural commercial shows.
As the entertainment and other pleasantries we offer there may bury the essence of the undertakings sometimes, it is imperative for us to remind one another that the core of the agricultural shows is for farmers and concerned stakeholders to exhibit their products and innovations in relation to agriculture.
The basic objectives of agricultural shows, if I may jog our memories, are to spread new innovations in agriculture, to provide an opportunity for farmers to discuss farming problems and share experiences, to encourage competition, to advertise goods and services, and to give farmers or exhibitors the chance to market and sell their produce.
With that in mind, the foundation of a great national agricultural show is the camp show, down at the camps with our dear farmers. ‘Drops make the ocean’ they say.
Therefore, by any means, we need to encourage and promote camp and block shows for us to involve as many farmers as possible, which would in turn broaden and strengthen the spectrum of activities for our national shows. They say “the more the merrier”.
As we wish to see what agricultural products and innovations are coming from specific provinces and districts, exhibits should be carefully screened to ensure that exhibitors do not cheat by exhibiting products bought from Soweto or other supermarkets.
Why! Let us exhibit what we have – not what we do not have. It would, otherwise, be very difficult to monitor and evaluate our agricultural performance per district. How, then, do you move forward if you do not even know your current performance? In such circumstances, failure is fertilised enough to flourish and reproduce very viable seeds, which may hit us terribly in the near future.
In a nutshell, what progress have we made so far in agriculture since the last show? Mark your calendar and let us find out together this August as we take part in our 93th National Agricultural Commercial Show.

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