What’s being done to assist musicians during COVID-19?

IN ONE of my recent articles I hinted at the question: what is being done to assist musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic? The lifelines for musicians across the world are tours and sales of recorded products.
In Zambia, the latter has been dealt a moot point by the complete paralysis and ineptitude of us Zambians to
manage a recording music sales system. We Zambians have failed to create a viable recording music system. It has hurt the industry in an immense way and has diverted talent away from the music industry.
If talent cannot be protected through an effective copyright control system, it will perish.
I digress. So how are musicians or music industries copying during the COVID-19 era?
I mentioned that some musicians across the world have adjusted by hosting paid concerts online. However, across the world, there are industry efforts to help musicians. We review some of the efforts. CLICK TO READ

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