What lies behind premiere of ‘Black Dollar’ movie?

THE red carpet seemed to steal the limelight at the premiere on Saturday of the movie Black Dollar, which is directed by British-born Zambian filmmaker David Kazadi.
The glitz and glamour would have impressed those who want to call the local film industry Zollywood, something veteran actor Wesley Kaonga frowns upon. And he has good reasons for that.
“The 2008 UNCTAD [United Nations Conference on Trade and Development] report on strengthening creative industries in Zambia suggests ways and means that can be put in place to establish our own show business sector and we do not have to be like parrots and call the sector Zollywood? For what! Call it Zango or anything than this mimicry,” he says.
He has a point.
Following the premiere of Black Dollar, much of the discussion seemed to centre on the frivolous matters of the event.
Veteran filmmaker Lawrence Thompson, in his review of the premiere, captured this very well.
“The setting resembled what you only see on the Hollywood red carpet,” Thompson said. “I was totally flattered by the flashing lights of the ‘paparazzi’ as they called out ‘look here, smile, looking good’. I smiled hoping they would not ask me what I was wearing as it was only my old chitenge shirt (nice escape if you don’t have a tuxedo), my wife looked glamourous and walking next to her was enough for me to shine.
“The event was a glitzy glam affair, the ladies were in outfits that resembled the Gucci and Versace fashion lines that graced the CLICK TO READ MORE

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