Letter to the Editor

What is Sven doing in Ghana?

Dear editor,
THE Football Association of Zambia is insulting the intelligence of the soccer fans.
How on earth can FAZ reward Sven Vandenbroeck, the national soccer team coach, with a trip to the African Women Championship in Ghana a day after the senior men’s 1-0 loss to Mozambique on Sunday?
FAZ is treating Sven with kid gloves.
Imagine it was a local coach who had failed to qualify the national team to the Africa Cup.
What has Sven gone to do in Ghana apart from interfering with Bruce Mwape, who qualified the team to Ghana?
Since Sven has failed in his mandate to qualify the team to AfCON 2019, he should not even wait to finish his mandate with Namibia. He should have been back in Belgium by now.
The Belgian should not be allowed to be with the She-polopolo, the team he barely watched.


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