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WFP commits to support agro sector

THE World Food Programme (WFP) has committed to working with the government to develop a resilient and sustainable agriculture sector that will promote food security and link smallholder farmers to readily available markets.
WFP will still provide initiatives to promote improved nutrition and better resilience to climatic shocks across the country, which are a threat to agricultural growth.
According to the WFP latest report posted on the website recently, the organisation plans to link smallholder farmers to markets to enable them increase income and food security.
“To strengthen food and nutrition security, WFP aims to develop synergies across its activities and between national initiatives in agriculture, market access, education, nutrition, resilience building and social protection. By doing this, as well as assisting the most vulnerable households, WFP is committed to helping Government create an environment conducive to the sustainable development of all Zambians,” the report reads.
It says WFP is providing smallholder farmers with access to conservation agricultural activities supported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s ‘Conservation Agriculture Scale Up’ programme, and risk management services such as drought insurance, credit, savings, improved market linkages through synergies with the Purchase for Progress, and climate information services.
The organisation said the initiatives provide households and farmers access to a set of climate, financial and market services that can stimulate production over time and help them escape poverty and food insecurity.
WFP said there is also need for interaction between rural poverty and poor service delivery as it is cyclical and self-reinforcing on rural communities and smallholder farmers that have poor access to agricultural inputs, markets and improved agricultural practices.

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