‘We’re reviving Ipafu coffee plantation’

GOVERNMENT is pondering on reviving the coffee plantation in Chingola’s Ipafu area to enhance diversification in the district that is solely dependent on mining.
Chingola district commissioner Mary Chibesa said the reviving of the coffee scheme in Chingola will create hundreds of jobs.

The dormant Ipafu coffee plantation is situated on Chingola-Solwezi road.

Mrs Chibesa said the Ministry of Agriculture will help in marketing the farming block to would-be local and foreign investors.
“Government is committed to diversifying our economy through enhanced agriculture activities, this is the reason we are strengthening agriculture policies,” she said.
Mrs Chibesa said coffee has an available market on local and international scene.
She cited Democratic Republic of Congo as a yawning market for agriculture produce and reviving of the coffee plantation will have a readily available market in that country.
Mrs Chibesa said the coffee plantation which was used as a Government scheme is dormant with only one active farmer.
“Government is committed to reviving coffee growing in Ipafu area, currently there is only one farmer who has continued with coffee farming,” she said.


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