We’ll improve economy – Tilyenji

UNIP President Tilyenji Kaunda has asked Zambians to vote for him in this month’s presidental election because his government would improve standards of living and the economy.
Mr Kaunda said of the three governments that have ruled Zambia since independence, UNIP’s governance under his father Kenneth Kaunda was the best.
He said this when he addressed a rally at Kabwe’s Comet grounds yesterday.
Mr Kaunda said that life for many people in the country is unbearable because the MMD and Patriotic Front (PF) were experimenting governance of the country.
“This is the simple arithmetic: good leadership equals a better life and better economy and we saw this in the UNIP days,” said Mr Kaunda who was accompanied by his deputy Njekwa Anamela.
“Bad leadership equals a horrible living and suffering. Life is hard.  To put food on the table is difficult and many people have died because of that,” he said.
Mr Kaunda who punctuated his address with choruses of the `One Zambia, One Nation’ motto said people in Kabwe and other parts of Zambia should make a “wise decision” of voting for him on January 20.
The 60-year-old leader of Zambia’s oldest political party is among 11 presidential candidates vying to succeed late President Michael Sata who died in London on October 28 last year.
He said if elected, his government will establish many companies in Kabwe and other districts as the case was before 1991 to create jobs.
Mr Kaunda said the number of unemployed people has been increasing every year because the MMD and PF governments were allegedly not creating jobs.
“Zambians have suffered a lot in their own country with experimental governance by the MMD and PF. I am not saying that PF and MMD are bad people; the job is too big for them. You give them a job that is too big for them, it’s not their fault that they have failed,” Mr Kaunda said.
He promised that his government will provide free education from Grade One to university level, better healthcare services, establish companies, prioritise agriculture, reduce the cost of mealie meal and address the problem of street children.
Mr Kaunda also said he will unite Zambians because they are one people.
He also said UNIP has leaders who fear God who will provide servanthood leadership.
Mr Kaunda said God has given UNIP instructions to follow in governing Zambia and  transforming it into a better country where national resources are equally distributed and shared.
He said UNIP leaders will religiously govern Zambia by following God’s commandments of loving Him and loving one’s neighbour.

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