Letter to the Editor

Well done Mushimba

Dear editor,
I WRITE to applaud the new Minister of Higher Education, Honourable Brian Mushimba, for his timely action over the continued closure of Copperbelt University, which was closed indefinitely some months ago, after consultations with all stakeholders.
As if that is not enough, the lifting of expulsion of 12 students is very commendable. We welcome it.
It is said that it is unprofessional to address a wrong with another wrong, and I hope this opens a new life of embracing dialogue whenever there are issues surrounding the university.
Indeed the nation has been on its knees to lobby Government through the Ministry of Higher Education for the re-opening of the university which is now only a few days away. This is commendable for we all know that education is a right for all.
My appeal to the CBU students and the Ministry of Higher Education is that they should, going forward, always strive to engage each other whenever there is a problem rather than resorting to avenues that could be regrettable.
Finally, the swift action by Honourable Mushimba over the CBU impasse should give us hope that as a nation we have solution-oriented leaders.
Once more, congratulation Honourable Mushimba and viva education!

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