Letter to the Editor

We shall not allow the wicked to prevail

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my concern over the attempt by vicious, selfish and overzealous politicians to cause chaos in this nation for their selfish interests.
Zambians should not forget that people with political interests have devised all sorts of weapons of propaganda both locally and abroad to tarnish the image of this nation.
It is not surprising therefore that some media houses have fallen prey to the tactics of people by even sponsoring some journalists to spread hatred and falsehood through their irresponsible reporting.
It is extremely unfortunate that even the clergy have fallen prey to this scam.
We as a nation should take a leaf from countries that are in turmoil because they are being governed by tyrants. There are signs that these trouble makers will become worst dictators should we (God forbid) give them chance to rule this country.
If there is no message of love, peace and unity from their mouths now, what makes us believe they will stand for these values if they are given chance to govern?
The truth is that as long as this nation is in the hands of God, any intention to destroy peace and unity will not prevail. We shall not tire to pray and fast.
We thank God for being in control of our nation.

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