Letter to the Editor

We need to celebrate our farmers

Dear editor,
IN THIS aerodynamic paced computer age, every time we sit to munch our delicious meals, it is almost impossible for us to recall that there are farmers out there.Every human being, regardless of one’s profession or calling, must eat almost on a daily basis in order to obtain energy enough to face and successfully execute daily tasks.
A car without gas won’t run. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and don’t forget snacks and fresh fruits.
A happy stomach makes a happy disposition.
On the other hand, as many years of experience have shown and taught us, a hungry stomach can make a man do the unthinkable for a slice of bread.
Clearly, the importance and high hierarchy of farming to humanity is indisputable.
To feed the world, certainly, is not the easiest of jobs on earth.
Therefore, for the bread and butter (and I like to spread my peanut thick on my slice), for our rice, relish, and nshima (and you know some of us prefer steaming nshima with vegetables even for breakfast), and for all other fine foods, dear farmer, we sincerely thank you.
Never give up. You are appreciated. Happy belated Farmers’ Day.

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