We need humanism week – Sampa


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kasama Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has told Parliament that there is need to restore humanism week to maintain love, respect and hard work

in the country.
Contributing to debate on the address by President Lungu on the progress made in the application of national values and principles for the first session of the 12th national assembly, Mr Sampa said humanism united people across religion and tribe.
He said humanism brought people together with the realisation that they all belonged to One Zambia and One Nation.
“Mr Speaker, sir, my call for restoration of the humanism week is in reference to the moral decay we are facing in the country,” he said.
Mr Sampa told Parliament that anybody who went to school in Zambia in the 1970s/80s will remember humanism week when institutions and individuals were required to help the vulnerable in society.
He said this was to live up to the humanism ideology that founding President Kenneth Kaunda adopted when he took over power from British rule.
Mr Sampa said during humanism week all Zambians were engaged in some form of activities, with people cleaning the surroundings, or visiting the elderly and the sick.
He told the house that during this time, people looked at each other as one, and this encouraged the spirit of hard work.
Mr Sampa said Rwanda has maintained peace, unity, hard work and respect through their ‘Umuganda Week’ when people are engaged in some form of activity such as cleaning or visiting the elderly and sick people.
He said Umuganda has proved to work as a tool of development in Rwanda like humanism did in Zambia.
“It is therefore from this background that I am passionately talking about its restoration as a means of unity,” he said.
Mr Sampa said the philosophy of African humanism dominated and shaped Zambian society during Dr Kaunda’s reign.
He said humanism was a centrepiece of economic reform and development strategy during the first decade of Dr Kaunda’s tenure of office.

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