Letter to the Editor

We need Golf Club traffic lights

Dear editor,
TRAFFIC lights serve a very important purpose of regulating traffic.
The newly-installed traffic lights at the junction of Los Angeles Boulevard and Nyerere roads at the Lusaka Golf Club are no exception.
As a member of the golf club and with an office in Kabulonga I am a regular user of this section of the road and I have over the years witnessed accidents at this junction.
The solution is very simple: have the timing adjusted to allow for the major flow direction, i.e. Los Angeles Boulevard should have the upper time or install “vehicle actuated” software in the system in order to favour majority flow. A good example of this are the traffic lights at the junction between the Great East Road and Libala Road at East Park Mall. The major flow given priority is the Great East Road.
So Your Worship the Mayor, RDA, RTSA and other stakeholders, think again, we need those robots!

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