Letter to the Editor

We need collective effort to solve problems

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to react to some of the sentiments by self-proclaimed messiahs from the opposition, who are busy promising Zambians heaven on earth when they ascend to power.
In their analysis, President Edgar Lungu is the only one responsible for all the ills besetting this nation.
The truth of the matter is that the President is just as human as we all are and cannot perform miracles to satisfy everyone. It must further be noted that the President needs support from each one of us to build this nation.
This, therefore, underpins the need for collective effort to tackle the challenges that we are facing as a nation.
In their strategy, they may lure people to join them and some may come from the same parties which are being accused of being corrupt.
Are they telling us that they will turn everyone who joins them into angels in order for them to perform the miracles they are promising?
The point here is that it is not only the goodness or uprightness of the head of State, but also the responsibility of the general citizenry to work hard and create a prosperous nation.
May God continue to guide our nation.

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