‘We have capacity to produce enough poultry’

IN AN effort to improve and develop the poultry industry, Chicol Estates poultry farm proprietor Aaron Chungu has called on Government not to allow the import of poultry products as Zambia has the capacity to produce enough to meet the local demands.
Mr Chungu said with the growing of Zambia’s poultry industry, there is great potential to increase production from about 150,000 chickens, which he is currently rearing.
Mr Chungu, who is also specialised in fertiliser business, started producing organic fertiliser called Chicola natural fertiliser from chicken droppings as a sustainable way of disposing off the chicken manure.
Speaking during a media tour of Chicol Estates Limited recently, Mr Chungu said depending on the demand of fertiliser on the market, the estate is likely to further increase and expand the poultry and fertiliser businesses, respectively.
“One way to encourage and grow the poultry industry in Zambia is by not allowing the imports of poultry or poultry products such as eggs, chickens, turkeys, among others. The poultry industry in Zambia has the potential to meet the local demand, in fact, currently, we are able to fulfil the demand,” he said.
Mr Chungu said the poultry industry, if well managed, also has the potential to contribute to food security and poverty reduction among the farming communities.

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