Water flows to Mwense villages

IT IS almost 12:00 hours in the afternoon and Lucy Chalwe, of Kanyemba village in Mwense district, has already served her family the day’s brunch.
In the past, Ms Chalwe’s family would have their meal late in the afternoon, because she would spend a lot of time fetching water from the stream.
Her daily routine is now different from what it was a few months ago.
“I used to go to the stream a few kilometres from here (her home) every day to fetch water for drinking and house chores,” she recalls.
Ms Chalwe, a mother of four, is also no longer having problems of diarrhoeal  ailments among her children because the family now has access to clean and safe piped water.
“It has improved my life and that of my family,” she says. “Now we can rest from trekking to the stream daily.”
Access to piped water has improved living standards of the people of Kanyemba village and many share that their health and life quality have improved too.
Apart from Ms Chalwe, Cynthia Mulenga used to fetch water from one of the boreholes dotted along the road in Kanyemba village.
“Most of the time, the borehole would have a breakdown, forcing us to move long distances to CLICK TO READ MORE

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