Letter to the Editor

Watch out for supermarket tricksters

Dear editor,
HAVE you ever been so sure that you have bought an item (s) from a supermarket and when you try to find it, at home – it’s not there?
It happened to me at one of the supermarkets in Lusaka recently.
Butchery items (prepacks) worth close to K300 were not packed into my trolley.
I decided to confront the supermarket and luckily I still had my receipt.
First, they claimed that I left the items in the car park in the bottom part of the trolley. I vehemently refused – I am not that careless.
Besides, I spent a few minutes in the car eating a doughnut so the guard who was helping me pack would have realised that I had left some stuff and surely given them back to me.
The staff at the supermarket took forever to find the CCTV footage and then replayed it for me.
Indeed it showed me putting stuff on the till and then I noticed the till operator pack the butchery items in a plastic bag and put it on the next till while I was busy off-loading stuff from the trolley.
The same CCTV showed the till operator take the items back to the butchery.
So as we enter into the uncertain waters of 2020 be careful.
We are surrounded by tricksters. Wishing you all a joyful entrance into 2020.

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