Wastage of public funds irks JCTR

THE Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) says continued abuse and wastage of public resources as highlighted in the Auditor General’s (AG) report is disheartening and unfortunate.
JCTR’s communication and media officer Mwiinga Shimilimo said in a statement yesterday that it is depressing to notice that AG’s report continues to record huge sums of money due to poor management of public funds annually.
“The AG’s report has observed unfortunate acts of increased misapplication of funds, irregular payments and undelivered materials, over-payments, unaccounted for funds and stores,” she said.
Ms Shimilimo said the report has revealed that the mission in Windhoek paid educational allowance arrears totalling K33,750 for a period of 12 months to the High Commissioner whose correspondence to support the payment was not clear.
She said it is unfortunate that while under-privileged  youths are denied government bursary in Zambia, some missions abroad are wasting resources.
Ms Shimilimo said the overall and aggregate notion in the 2013 AG’s report is that there is an inefficient and ineffective public service system that spends more resources than the services and goods it delivers.
She said JCTR has recommended that a plan of action be formulated to deal with the 2013 audit issues which may include recovery of resources and appropriate deterrence. measures.

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