Letter to the Editor

Was WHO negligent in handling ebola?

Dear editor,
EBOLA, which caused the death of more than 10,000 of our people including medics in Liberia, Sierra Leone, New Guinea and other western countries two years ago, could have been avoided had the World Health Organisation (WHO) provided correct information.
There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the WHO and its agents were negligent in handling the situation and played a direct or indirect role in misinforming our people on how the Ebola virus is transmitted and on how our people could have adequately protected themselves.
As a citizen of an African state which is a member of both the United Nations and the WHO, the loss in lives of our people has caused me tremendous psychological injury because whatever affects my brothers and sisters in a different country directly and indirect affects me in so many ways. The impact of the pandemic brought about a great deal of suffering socially, politically and economically on the part of Western countries in particular and Africans in general.
I therefore would like to sue the WHO for “gross negligence and misinformation” in handling a virus that has been well researched and known amongst the scientific community for several decades.
If it is easy for us now to have doctors beyond borders, I am very confident I will find humanitarian counsels and scientists beyond borders that will be willing to pursue this case with the International Court Of Justice.
johnnoel_lungu@yahoo.com +260977794001.

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