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Walk the development talk

ASCENDING to and holding the office of Presidency, like other elective offices, requires one to have a ‘big heart’ for people.It calls for selflessness and a high level of tolerance.
This is because in a democracy like ours, when one assumes political office such as the Presidency they do not only preside over those who voted for them but also those who did not.
However, true and exemplary leadership ensures fair and equitable distribution of resources and development to all, regardless of political affiliation.
This is what President Lungu has demonstrated during his few years as head of State.
During his inauguration, President Lungu made it categorically clear that he was President for all and was therefore going to take development to all parts of the country.
The head of State also promised to leave the country better than he found it.
He appealed to all, including those who did not give him a vote to work with him in developing this country.
Looking at the trail of development projects across the country, it is indisputable that President Lungu is indeed a man of his words.
He has risen above politics to equitably deliver development to all corners of the country, regardless of who voted for him or did not.
In doing so, President Lungu has not left all to delegation but has been touring the country to ensure that promises he made are delivered upon and that reports he receives from his representatives are true.
The President was recently in Western Province on his continued mission to ensure that the development cake is shared equitably among all Zambians and that the projects are on course.
The fact that Western Province did not give him and the Patriotic Front (PF) a significant number of votes is inconsequential.
As far as President Lungu is concerned every citizen must benefit from Government’s development agenda and those in Western Province are not excluded.
“You are part of Zambia and it is my responsibility to ensure that things are okay in this part of Zambia,” President Lungu said when he addressed a rally at Mulambwa Primary School in Mongu.
This is indeed a mark of true and selfless leadership.
It is also evidence of President Lungu’s humane nature and love for people.
Like other parts of the country, Western Province has certainly benefited from a number of development projects under the PF.
One of the notable projects is the Kalabo-Mongu road which gobbled US$287 million making it one of the most expensive road projects in Africa.
Western Province has claimed a fair share in Government’s infrastructure development agenda through construction of schools, health facilities and township roads.
Western Province can also boast of projects such as King Lewanika University and Mongu District Hospital, among others.
In a bid to boost the economic fortunes of the province, Government also launched a gigantic cashew nut project targeting to plant six million seedlings.
All this is happening under the leadership of President Lungu.
As a demonstration of his magnanimity, President Lungu is also on record to have visited the famous Dundumwenzi where he received a paltry 252 votes against 31,000 for his rival.
President Lungu did not hold it against the people of Dundumwenzi but used the results to understand their challenges which made them vote in that pattern.
Like in Western Province, President Lungu has not held back development from Southern Province including Dundumwenzi based on their political affiliation.
This is what is expected of a good leader – putting national interest first.
It is however saddening that while President Lungu has extended an olive branch to all those in opposition to work with him in delivering development to the people, not all have been forthcoming.
This is actually what has disadvantaged some areas in terms of development.
Opposition members of Parliament need to understand they have an obligation to work with the government of the day to deliver development to their constituencies.
President Lungu has indeed set a good leadership example which must be emulated all.

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