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‘Walk out of abusive relationships’

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
LAST week, I run an article advising that it is not necessary to tell the world the intimate problems you may be encountering with your spouse. You could speak to close friends but not every Jim and Jack.
I received a reaction, from a reader and blow are her concerns.
Hi auntie D,
I am so encouraged by your words in this article
I divorced my hubby five months ago. He used to abuse me physically, mentally and emotionally. We have a five-year-old handsome boy whom he has never cared and provided for.
I filed for divorce in March 2015 and was granted in March 2016. My former husband has been going around badmouthing me yet he was the one who was abusive.
I consider myself lucky because I managed to walk out of an abusive relationship. He would beat me to an extent where I became unconscious and be rushed to the hospital. Insulting me was the norm. I stayed with him, hoping he would change but people don’t change.
There was a time he even wanted us to reconcile but I have moved on and simply ignore what he says about me. He says he really wants me to suffer because I went ahead with the divorce even after he told me not to. The man did not change even after I gave him a chance. Our relationship was getting worse by the day.
He even went to the extent of forging title deeds for the house we built together (our matrimonial home) in Kabwe and put it into his sister’s name. Police investigated the matter and found him with a case forgery and altering of false documents, but was not arrested. When we got married, he was already building a house but I also put in my finances to ensure that the house is complete. But he now claims the house belongs to his mother and his family.
I really feel so used. The only things he wants us to share are household goods we bought together, the vehicles I bought and the house I built on my father’s land during our four years of separation.
However, he is not ready to share the vehicles he bought during our separation. He doesn’t even think of the welfare of his child.
The High Court has also taken too long to share the property. I thought that should have been done immediately our marriage was dissolved.
Lastly, I appeal to women out there who are going through similar problems in their marriages to walk out lest they lose their lives at the hands of an abusive spouse.
Best regards
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