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Waiter to be served prison meals for 3 yrs

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A LUSAKA waiter will spend three years in a correctional facility probably helping to serve meals to fellow inmates after a magistrate imprisoned her for stealing a four-month-baby during a church crusade. Doreen Nawa, 28, of Kalikiliki Township, was sent to jail for 36 months after Lusaka magistrate Fydes Hamaundu found her guilty of stealing a child. On October 23 last year, with intent to deprive, Nawa unlawfully took Mary Sikazwe’s four-month-old baby. Nawa appeared before magistrate Hamaundu and admitted committing the offence. Facts before the court were that on the material day, Ms Sikazwe was attending a church crusade in Bauleni Township. Later, she left the event to go and change a diaper for her son.
As she was attending to the baby, Nawa asked to help hold the infant so that its mother could go back into the church and collect a fresh diaper.
When Ms Sikazwe returned, she was shocked to discover that Nawa had disappeared with her baby. After a fruitless search for the woman and her son, the distressed mother reported the matter to police and later rushed to Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation to help publicise her predicament. Three days after the national broadcaster aired pictures of the missing child together with his guardians’ contact details, the toddler’s grandmother received a phone call from a ‘good Samaritan’. The informer told the old woman that Nawa’s neighbours in Mtendere Township suspected her of harbouring a stolen baby, which was heard crying. The court heard that Nawa’s alert neighbours locked CLICK TO READ MORE

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