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Vote in referendum, HRC urges Zambians

Profile: OFFICERS attend to Choma residents during the ongoing phase two exercise of mobile issuance of national registration cards. The exercise was launched in Southern Province on Monday. Over 1000 people were issued with NRCs in two days of the launch of the exercise. PICTURE: CHOMBA MUSIKA

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
THE Human Rights Commission (HRC) has urged people to vote in the referendum because the Bill of Rights as part of the Constitution protects progressive fundamental human rights and freedoms.
HRC chief information, education and training officer Mweelwa Muleya said human rights are claims or entitlements that accrue or belong to every human being.
“Human rights are inherent and must not be taken away arbitrarily by anyone. Human rights are not gifts from anyone including the government,” he said.
Mr Muleya said this during a stakeholders training on the referendum in Livingstone on Friday.
He said Government has an obligation to facilitate legal protection and put in READ MORE

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