Letter to the Editor

Vorna Valley, Ndeke areas in need of police posts

Dear editor,
I WRITE with dismay that the residents of both Ndeke and Vorna-Valley have no police post since its inception.
Residents have cried day and night to our Member of Parliament and area councillor to help erect a police post as the number of residents in the area has increased tremendously.
The two areas are no longer a bush but respected residential areas which require social amenities such as police posts, schools, markets, clinics, to mention a few.
The killing of a lady recently in Vorna Valley is certainly pointing to the need to have a police post in the area.
The killing could have been avoided if a police post was constructed.
The idea of asking residents to contribute cash for the construction of a police post is not practical and should not be encouraged.
Vorna Valley and Ndeke cannot be asked to build their own police posts when they also pay tax.
We therefore urge our area Member of Parliament to lobby Government to build police posts in the two areas.
This will help secure people’s lives and put a stop to senseless killings in the two areas as there will be police patrols at night and during the day.

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